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May Flowers

#258610 1 year, 5 months ago
May Flowers

Bright and clear
In the warmth of May
The sun reaches far
Into the world today

Once dormant
And deep asleep
The garden plants
Stand on their feet

The air is friendly
Like the people I meet
Who rush to greet me
As I traverse the streets

The lawns are cut
And driveways swept
I like to watch as
Our expectations are met

A taste of summer
In gentle sips
Like the salty tangle
Of your fleshy lips

While the leafy canopy
Forms overhead
And yards are outlined
In fragrant yellows and reds

I ask for the forgiveness
I haven’t earned
And promise to heed
Life’s lessons learned

For no matter the price
I am forced to pay
There is no reward
Like a summer’s day.
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The wheels are muddy, got a ton of hay

Re: May Flowers

#258741 1 year, 5 months ago
"I ask for the forgiveness I haven't earned.."
Love it

Its really nice bro-
Today I saw 2 deer in my yard when I got into my truck this morning.
I saw a white rabbit in the afternoon(must of been a pet once?) The Jefferson airplane song white rabbit was humming in my head
Then i went to the farm where one of my daogs stays until I move(Maggie) and saw the chickens, roosters, goats, rabbits, and horses. One horse was in a pasture with yellow flowers and I thought of how pretty it is outside(LOVE Spring!!!)
And finally right before I arrived to class I was exiting the highway and on the exit ramp in the grass to the side was a fat but adorable little groundhog and he/she was scratching their ear with a hind leg and chewing on some grass....adorable. Oh, and of course there were all the Canadian geese with their little babies just recently born....so cute!!!
Thanks for sharing the poem
It's appreciated, know that.
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