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The wheels are muddy, got a ton of hay

ill get up and fly away

#241755 1 year, 8 months ago
These people know how to scare geese, so they dont get likked cold blooded by human beings who are simply getting the birds to stay away from thier property because of obvious toxins from waste of foul of any kind in large numbers in one area where there is food, but homes and businesses have been erected.
These people are very knowledgeable in solvong a problem even a cave man or woman, lol, could do.
It is a humane gesture oppposed to a tragic and inhumane one to simply have a animal relocate to a non business or residential community. there are many and with a simple gesture of scaring or "shooing thm" off, they can survive and fly and be alive.
What an obvious act of cruelty that shows such an even more obvious and so sad realization that our way is the only way attitude is more common to people than they realize to be. that getting rid of a flock of animals is easier to shoot and kill than these many proven and successful strategies to do just the same thing but without brutal force , again , unnessarily killing beautiful creatures of our God
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